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Edmonton, Alberta! I'm a cosplayer, that dresses up like poeple who are from animes, TV shows, Games, web-comics and moives! I'm super friendly, and kind. I go to conversations, like Animethon, Calgary Comic-Conversation, Taste Of Animethon, Edmonton Expo, and sometimes mini cons, at close high school conventions.
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SPG by Miss-Dicess Rabbit intensifies by ZoraSteam ''and now we say to gravity''-stamp by shikabane-no-bousou
yet again i am so sorry that this was so late. like i have said in my last thing, I've been busy :/
okay!, i should talk about Animethon! oh gosh Animethon was fun, got to see friends and make new friends, ughh so fun.

Day l: The Spine
okay this day started out pretty good, got my The Jon and for the first half of the day we just walked around. ut as he was getting close to the panel, and my host wasn't at the con yet, so our panel kinda began late. i had to run around the building the panel was in to find her, ut i found her sister. then we found her and started the panel. i think that panel went pretty good, from what ive heard it was a goof panel for the viewers. after the panel we saw a Rabbit and a The Spine and we hung out with them for the rest of the day, we sang some SPG songs all day. Singing all the parts( me sing the parts of David, and my Jon singing Jon parts/ Hatchworth and our rabbit singing isabella parts) when i got home, i just wiped all my makeup off and headed to bed.

Day ll: Darky
okay, this day was horrable, in the morning. so the morning( 1AM) i was thinking " where is my wallet?" so i check my bed; not there, the morning then, i asked my dad if i can check his car for something, wasnt there either. so i start to panic, because if if i told my mom and dad that i have lost my wallet witch had $150 CAD in it, then im fucked. so i dont tell them but then i was all like " okay im not gooing to let this fuck up a perfectly great day. so i resume like i have my wallet. ut then near the morning me and my friend whent to the conventens info booth that they had, and we asked if they have seen my wallet,  they have, so we had to go to this little booth, and they had mty wallet, so i got it back. i was after that we just walked around. when it was the end of the daythe end of the day, my friend had gotton off work so i hung up with her intill the end of the day.

Day lll:Terezi Pyrope
i was not gonna cosplay her for the last day, intill i got up and was like, " fuck it im gonna cosplay her!!" so i got up and started to panit myself as terash the last day is not reaally exiting as the other days where, biut it was fun, whent to a panel, and i got nodeiced by a panel member.and then thats about it...

that was my funb time at Animethon!
on to Edonton Expo!!

so for edmonton expo, i dont know who to be for that, i wanbt to be GG The Giraffe, but i dont have her cosplay, yet. i may get it on thurstday after mty dad gets home from his work trip. i may cosplay Darky, my fur suit, or Terezi Pyrope cosplay
but yeah, i think thats about it for me, its likw 11PM for me now, got to go to bed now kiddes!
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  • Listening to: (Album) Vice Quadrant
  • Playing: minecraft

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you get to pick what i should do for my next Cosplay picture! please, DO NOT request any Nude pictures, or any pictures that shows my Thighs, Breasts, stomachs, or shoulders, i will not do them, or view them. Please note me if you want a picture.
OC drawings
WING ( My Fanbot) by dark-wing2
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I get to draw any of your OCs! Its up to you to pick, what I should do! Please note me if you what a picture.


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