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Well, well , well i have seen that you have being spying me, stocking me.... ITS OK^^ i do that all the time....... if you want to read what i am like, then here you have it, i am a *** year old girl that is in grade *** and i love to cosplay! And do you really need my age and grade? Or even my name to be that matter! But i put my name up here so all of you people know it.......O~Oi love anime and sometimes i cry over the anime, because I'm a fangirl!! There are some anime that made me cry my eyes out(blue exorcist) and some anime that led me shouting my head off, and screaming at a character that is being a stupid asshole....oh and i swear sometimes( most of the time) but i will not swear to a new person i just met, that's what i call rude.... all of my close friends will agree that i am a nice person, and i give gifts to people who i look up to like cosplayer and other people^^. I love to draw and i want to draw for dreamworks! Ad if that fails i want to because a voice actor or something else. If you ask me to do a voice of a troll from home stuck, just come up to me and ask me the troll and what you want me to say! I can do it....i think, there are some trolls i need to get the voice down. But ya oh and if you can't see me at a sore then try to find me at a convention called animethon! Because i go to that convention no matter what! Don't be afraid of saying hi to me!! I done bite, my friend does, but i'll control her^^
Current Residence: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Favourite genre of music: all
Favourite style of art: all
Favourite cartoon character:JACK FROST
Personal Quote: if you don't care, then why did you even comment?

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im single, you happy now?
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so, im single again, so that awesome... ive locked away all the sadness i had and i dont know what to do
are you happy that i have a boyfriend?
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hey guys, Dark-wing2 here, i have to say that i have been busy, like with school and my depression.. you know, but that is going away! you know why? because i HAVE a person who loves me! like REALLY loves me, not friend love a love, kissing love thing! YEP! i have a boyfriend! im sorry for all the people who wanted to date me, but i'm taken!

Animethon, School, Edmonton Expo

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 6, 2014, 2:23 PM
I am so sorry that i have not been on DA for a long time, and have not talked how great Animethon 21 was. So I'm going to write about it now, yet again i am so sorry. i have also have been busy, with school, and now i think it is safe to say what grade i am in, i am in grade 10. yes i am 14, turning 15 this year.

Day One: Equius Zahhak
I was Equius on the First day, And Elsie was Nepeta Leijon. We had been walking around all day, and never went to any panels. we did play Spin the faygo with a couple other Homestuckers. that was fun. one of the thing we did get done was a Vlog, a vlog that we didn't film on the 2ND or the last day. 

day two: Terezi pyrope
Day two was way more funner, because that was the day of the Homestuck photo shoot. that was also the day that i got my first kiss! it was also the day that me and a Elsie had a fight, but forget that. this day i was hanging out with my other friend, Katriina and her sister, Annika. there was nothing much that happened that day...

Day three: Terezi pyrope
on the last day we mostly chilled out. on this day we did go to a panel, it was the Superwholock panel. that was fun, i toke a video of it. but never got the first 5-10 minutes of it. that day was short though...

on to Edmonton expo! id you don't know what i is then look here If your too lazy and don't want to go to the site, then ill tell you.

The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo (aka the Edmonton Expo) is the City of Champions greatest pop culture convention with a year two attendance of 25,000 people.  Going into our year three show we'll be creating another out of this world event with comic book artists, vendors, media guests, and of course, lots and lots of cosplay! 

it happens to lands on my birthday (September 27th) and i am going to meet Jim Beaver AKA Bobby singer from Supernatural. Yes i am going to meet him ON MY FLIPING BRITHDAY! and i am going to be hanging out with the wonderful Carcinogenerator  hopeful. She is going as Crowley and im going to be Sam Winchester, at first i was going to be going as Terezi, but no. I like Sam better. i was informed that my wig Will come on the 25th.....TWO FUCKING DAYS BEFORE THE FUCKING CON!!!! Sorry for my potty mouth. but if it doesn't come in that time then i have to go as season 16 Sam, or something like that because i got the plaid, and i have the right colour hair. since i AM a girl, i have long hair. like the bottom of my shoulder blades.  the plaid i got is the right colour! i'll post it soon, with my cosplay i had just been busy! that is all i have to say i guess...

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im single, you happy now? 

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